12 June 2011

DILFs #3: Big Butts to dive into

Ohhh man, I would just love to dive into that juicy butt... face first or cock first, I really cannot decide. Here are a few more bears that make me wonder if I am really versatile... or just a latent total top who hasn't met the perfect butt yet. Here are a few more asses that really make me want to FUCK...!!!


  1. Very hot butts to fuck ! The first one is absolutely fantastic, I would like to rim and fuck the hole at once !

  2. I totally agree about number one. I would definitely dive in tongue first. And once his curlies are all wet, I would continue tonguing him. Wooofff!!!!

  3. Yes both of you are right #1 is so fucking hot and nice hairy ass. Could rim and fuck him for a while.