24 June 2011

Grown Up Porn Star: Rik Kappus

Hot Older Male / Pantheon really come up with some amazing guys. Rik Kappus is incredibly handsome and sexy and versatile too. He's a great top but I prefer to watch him get fucked, his ass isn't that gorgeous for no reason!

20 June 2011

David Anthony... send in the clones

Wooofff! Remember the early 80's when most gay men tried to look like Tom Selleck? Big moustaches everywhere... I was in heaven even though it would take me a decade to come out, but that is another story... Well, here is David Anthony, a former Playgirl model who now works exclusively for Titan. Usually sporting stubble or a goatee, but sometimes also with a big moustache! WOOF! Reminds me of another tv crush of mine from the 80's: Sam Elliott. Or Mark Spitz even. I doubt if any of the mentioned men has a dick that comes anywhere near the giant whopper David Anthony packs. And believe me, he knows how to use it too.

Grown Up Porn Star: Hank Hightower

One of my alltime favorite porn stars is Hank Hightower. I think, he was the best actor in gay porn of the 90s, in fact because when he starts his career in 1993 his type of man, butch, hairy and bearish, was very rare. He is so sexy, and his kind of fucking is so intensive and beautiful. He made more than 100 films over the years, sometimes he was the only reason to see it. And what I love so much, he was so sexy sweating, when he fucks !! His adorable body is shining and glittering then, sometimes some drops get down to the fucking bottom. He made films for many studios, mostly for Forum and the bear films of Catalina. His last film is from 2003, did he finished his porn career definitely? He´s 45 years old now, why he should not have a comeback for studios with grown up men like Pantheon Productions or Butch Dixon ? So, dear Hank, please come back !!!