30 May 2011

Grown Up Porn Star: Chase Hunter

Chase Hunter, prime beef! 

We already met Tom Chase and Zak Spears on here, two porn stars that have very succesfully made the transition from young hunk to mature daddy. Another porn icon who did just that is Chase Hunter. He started out in the early nineties as a retro-clone athletic hunk with blond hair and a nice moustache, usually fucking twinks into pulver.

Recently he resurfaced with Falcon and Colt, hairier and bulkier and 100 times more handsome.

And unlike the now deliciously versatile Tom Chase, Chase Hunter has remained a top fucker. He is still fucking guys into a coma with his rockhard 10 inch cock. Chase is a total top but unlike many of those he does love to kiss, eat ass and suck cock and I think that makes him even greater. 

I hope to see more of him soon because like expensive wine Chase only gets better with age.

Sorry guys...

Sorry guys, but this delicious fat-dicked uncut English specimen -who goes under the frankly ludicrous nom-de-porn of Dick Nasty- is apparently 100% straight. I have only seen him in scenes with women anyway but I have a sneaking suspicion that this man is so horny that he'd fuck anything with a pulse... or get fucked, for that matter because nobody is born with a big hammy ass like that for no reason. I actually have a video scene of Dick where he lets a woman fuck him with a big strap-on dildo... he does not only enjoy the anal attack but stays rockhard while being hammered and cums bucketloads! So who knows, we may see Dick turn up in a gay movie some day. Here's hoping...

Warning: here are some pics from that straight video in which Dick takes a big dildo up his ass. I have tried to make sure that there aren't too many female bits on view, but still... Now tell me... does this bear need to get fucked by a man or WHAT???

27 May 2011

Mature Men on Glory Hole

I like to suck cocks on glory hole like this horny, hairy suckers !